Melissa EsparzaMathis
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About Me

Melissa EsparzaMathis

My Name is Melissa Esparza-Mathis. I am a native Texan. I was born in Conroe, and my roots extend from those who fought for, and in, the Alamo.  One of my sons has just recently returned from active duty in the United States Army.

I have served in the U.S Army in several capacities, a major one as an Arabic linguist.  While in the military I served three Combat Tours, 2 in Iraq, and 1 in Afghanistan. Where I was awarded a Bronze Star and a Combat Action Badge. My parents both have served in the United States Air Force. My mother retired from the military. I come from a long line of warriors, and dedicated fighters. As a battle tested warrior, I am prepared and dedicated to fighting for your Constitutional Rights. With solutions to address them. The Second Amendment is crucial and constantly under attack.

I believe in getting in the trenches, something that many of our Representatives have failed to do. I will roll up my sleeves and fight that fight. Our freedoms, our Republic, our Liberty, and our Families, deserve someone who will answer the call, someone who will return a message, someone who will respond to their questions, and concerns.