Melissa EsparzaMathis
Let's Make Congress Work For You

Campaign Issues

I am a Christian and unafraid. My values are fundamental American values that I, and my family, cherish and nurture: Faith, freedom, our American flag, family, our guns, and our rights.

Campaign Issues: Second Amendment


It is in our Constitution for a reason. It is paramount to our FREEDOM, and what continues to be a bedrock of what a free nation stands for; the ability of self protection for Americans. "The right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall Not Be Infringed." Let no one take what has been fought for, and continues to be our RIGHT!


Campaign Issues: National Defense

National Defense is of the utmost importance. A strong, well-funded defense keeps the "Wolves" at bay. Funding our troops ensures visionary training for our Service Members and superior weaponry.

Campaign Issues: Veterans-Women (MST)

The Department of Defense must be called to account for what has been allowed to happen to our female warriors. More facilities will be opened to address the ramifications of what they have suffered.

Campaign Issues: Abortion

I believe in the sanctity of human life. I would introduce a bill to prohibit Planned Parenthood from lobbying Congress, and prevent all Candidates and Representatives from benefiting monetarily.

Campaign Issues: Mental Health

Mental wellness and stability are crucial and affect us all. From war, to being bullied, we as a Nation must address mental health with the same medical diligence we would an open wound.

Campaign Issues: Border Security

We need strong and well funded border security. Without it, our Nation's people are unprotected. We need a wall to protect us from the infiltration of illegal drugs and those who wish to do us harm.

Campaign Issues: Homeless Veterans

No Veteran Should Be Homeless. EVER. Passing THE HOMELESS VETERANS INITIATIVE BILL will assist our cities in getting our Veterans off of the streets and into small housing.

Campaign Issues: Healthcare/Prescription Drugs

Healthcare includes prescription medications. Affordable medication should be and will be possible. Let's remove the greed by removing lobbyists from such a profound need, and demanding transparency of costs before treatment, not afterwards. In the spirit of a free market, this allows the patient/consumer the opportunity to shop around.

Campaign Issues: The Economy

“A society that puts equality before freedom will get neither. A society that puts freedom before equality will get a high degree of both.”  – Milton Friedman, American Economist

A truly free market is the only path to success. Capitalism and free trade are the only solutions to poverty. Individuals pursuing their own interests have made the greatest achievements in recorded history. Elon Musk did not build his cars by direction from a government bureaucrat.

The solution to wealth inequality is not to take what many have earned and redistribute it to those “unable or unwilling to work.” It’s time that everybody pays their share. We need transparency so that the wealthy are not hoarding and hiding wealth. At the same time we need to ensure equal effort by all who are able to participate in a free-enterprise system.